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Client Review

USAR Team Member - Norfolk Fire and Rescue

Simon Burch NFRS, lead USAR comments "After taking part in the water rescue challenge at UKRO Merseyside 2013 and coming first we were presented with a reach and rescue pole system by Jo Taylor from Reach and Rescue.

The challenge was over two days and involved us carrying out water rescue techniques and boat handling skills. Skills included manoeuvring the boat in confined spaces and paddling. We also employed water rescue techniques where we had to swim after casualties, throw lines and reach rescues.

Marine Rescue Technologies

We at Marine Rescue Technologies are pleased to be distributing the Reach and Rescue product line.  We understand that retrieval systems for in water rescue and man overboard incidents are an area that requires far more attention, especially in the Search and Rescue (SAR), Public Safety and Commercial markets. 

Michael Ritchie
Vice President, Marine Rescue Technologies

Testimonial from INDIA Distributor

Reach and Rescue products are unique products. They not only take care of the safety of the rescuer, but also saves life. There are very limited products available in the market which deals with water rescue. The product is so simple and yet so useful. With addition of new accessories, the utility of the product increased many folds. 

The service and professionalism of Reach and Rescue is outstanding, you are so prompt and quick, and always ready to help us whenever there is any problem.

Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service

“Warwickshire Fire & Rescue are now in the process of training all operational staff in the use of Long Reach Telescopic Poles as supplied by Reach and Rescue. The decision to equip all front line appliances with rescue poles was taken after a comprehensive programme of trials and subsequent development. We have now arrived at a position where this product substantially enhances the rescue capability of fire crews and reduces the need to plan and train for Firefighters entering water to attempt rescues.

Bristol Port Co. Ambulance Dept

“The reason we purchased the poles was that it not only had a number of attachments which meant it was capable of doing a number of tasks but also its the only pole that we could find that reaches up to 17 metres. 

The reach is important as this gives us a capability to reach those persons who we could not before, but we were also impressed with the high degree of control which we have with the pole at those distances.” 

Andy Geeler, First Response Ambulance Office, Bristol Port Co. Ambulance Dept


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