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No Strangers To Recognition. Reach and Rescue Nominated For 3 Prestigious awards

An image dispalying the directors of Reach and Rescue receiving the Merseyside Innovayion Award

Over the years, it’s fair to say, Reach and Rescue have had their share of recognition in the field of water safety and rescue equipment. Pioneers in both innovation and ingenuity when it comes to rescue pole system technology, a technology still in its infancy and yet to be adopted as the status quo with regards to public water safety awareness. So it isn’t surprising when the team at Reach and Rescue receive a plethora of nominations for various awards and certifications. Three nominations in particular stood out to be notably prestigious;


Reach and Rescue Save Dogs With RSPCA

An image displaying a dog to demonstrate that a dog can be helped by the Reach and Rescue kit for the RSPCA

The RSPCA, as a society of volunteers and teams of rescuers across the country, serve to protect and prevent all animals from cruelty and harm. Helping to save and re-home over 100,000 animals of all kinds in the U.K., the RSPCA have adopted an award winning rescue technology to add to their capabilities, the Reach and Rescue Pole Kit with all the attachments.

Banking on Safety

An image displaying the innovative new life saving Reach and Rescue product, The Portsafe

Over the last few weeks, Reach and Rescue, and our friends and partners, have been screaming the same mantra from the proverbial roof tops in the form of a social media hashtag: #PickUpAPole.  Designed to raise awareness around one thing and one thing alone, our 'Pick-Up-A-Pole' campaign has paved the way for the introduction of the world's first telescopic rescue pole public access system; Portsafe!

£1,000,000 Inshore and Inland Rescue Boat Grant


Since 2014, the inshore and inland rescue boat grant has issued funds to the U.K.’s water rescue charities in an effort to provide vital rescue boats and safety equipment.


Each year, as part of the initiative, funds are awarded to the U.K.’s coastal teams and water rescue charities to purchase new boats, life jackets, long reach poles and body hooks, helmets, boots and throw bags.


Shock; Water Safety Video by Derbyshire Fire & rescue

An image displaying a man suffering from cold water shock

Shock’ the new water safety video produced by Derbyshire Fire & Rescue will do just that; shock you.  And rightfully so.


Focusing on the dramatic realities of water safety awareness, the video is set at what seemingly looks like an old quarry and an idyllic spot for the three young main characters of the film to have a inocent swim in the sun.  Of course all ends horribly for the trio and you’ll see exactly why when you watch the video



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