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Get Prepared – Experts Suggest Flash Flooding is the New Normal


After another weekend of bad weather this time in Australia scientists have suggested thanks to climate change, it could be here to stay.


Australia suffered from terrible weather this weekend in New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania, the coasts being battered by waves, the really heavy downpours and flooding across these areas down under.


A New Innovative Rescue Raft


Our Fantastic New Rescue Raft Has Had Its Final Test!


The new Rescue Raft is part of our state of the art equipment that significantly assists the process of saving lives without the need of risking another. We endeavour to maintain excellent operator safety and the new product will be a fantastic addition to your life saving capabilities.



Dublin City and County - Reach and Rescue Pole Testimonial

We used the Reach and Rescue Poles in a difficult recovery of a body from the River Liffey and the Poles and attachments all came into play during the recovery. We were able to recover the remains without putting our rescue crews at any undue risk in what was difficult conditions. I would highly recommend the Reach and Rescue Poles to any emergency services that are involved in rescue from water on Health and Safety grounds and as a very useful, practical piece of equipment.


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