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reach and rescue

Shock; Water Safety Video by Derbyshire Fire & rescue

An image displaying a man suffering from cold water shock

Shock’ the new water safety video produced by Derbyshire Fire & Rescue will do just that; shock you.  And rightfully so.


Focusing on the dramatic realities of water safety awareness, the video is set at what seemingly looks like an old quarry and an idyllic spot for the three young main characters of the film to have a inocent swim in the sun.  Of course all ends horribly for the trio and you’ll see exactly why when you watch the video


Come and see Reach and Rescue at the 2018 Safety & Health Expo!

An image displaying the logo of Safety & Health Expo at which Reach and Rescue are exhibiting

The revolutionary and innovative telecsopic pole system, together with many of the attachments, will be on display, with free demonstrations and the chance to see the unique rescue system for yourself!


Come and see Jo and Sean to learn more about the worlds longest and most succesful telescopic pole system, and to learn more about our new innovations.


The Reach and Rescue Pole greatly received at Man Overboard Conference 2018

Jo Taylor, Reach and Rescue, presents at the Man Overboard Conference 2018

Reach and Rescue recently attended and presented at the Man Overboard Conference – Prevention and Recovery, in Southampton on 17th April 2018


It was a fascinating and educational day for all those presenting and attending and the unique and innovative telescopic rescue pole system was overwhelmingly received well!


Captain Don Colteral stood up and said he “loves the pole and body hook attachment and suggest everybody gets one”!



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