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In the maritime industry Man overboard is a situation in which a person has fallen from a boat or ship into the water and is in need of rescue. Whoever sees the person's fall should shout "man overboard" to alert other crew members and attempt to maintain visual contact with the person in the water. The Reach and Rescue, long reach telescopic pole system can be deployed in seconds to reach and rescue the victim from any part of the boat. It can also be used to retrieve objects fallen overboard. Its very useful also to bring people to Jason's Cradles or the mate saver man overboard systems. Reach and Rescue also have attachments to assist in mooring the boat.
Captain James Wood commented, 'The reach and rescue pole has become an integral part of drills on board the yacht. It forms part of a complimentary kit that is used in conjunction with the yachts rescue tender but also serves as a stand alone piece of rescue apparatus. It deploys quickly and easily and would save valuable time in the event of an emergency. Not only is it a useful rescue device, but with the numerous attachments it has many other practical uses. I wouldn't be without it.'

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