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Fire and Rescue



Fire and Rescue Services around the world use Reach poles of some sort or another to extend the arm of a rescuer, but the pole has never been much more than a broom handle or a length of pipe. All over the world you will still find rescuers using the most rudimentary methods to just get that extra few feet of contact when needed. Even amongst the most sophisticated high tech mechanical apparatus used by advanced teams, the lonely broom handle can be found tucked into a corner.


This is because reaching is a fundamental requirements of so many rescue tasks. So much so the water rescue mantra used in many countries particularly the UK places if upfront ‘SHOUT REACH, THROW, ROW, GO’ for many years when a broom handle was too short the water / ice rescues were first approached with a throwline and this is still and always will be very effective. But when the situation demanded something more engaging, the next thing to do was to hazard an operator one way or another.


This all started to change in 2010 when Reach and Rescue Ltd created the worlds first and still the world’s only truly long reach pole systems . Long Reach means up to 60FT. The high tech carbon fibre telescopic pole systems are designed to use a variety of rescue tools to execute the required action. Because of the capability of the pole equip operator and the accuracy of deployment, not to mention the time (SECONDS NOT MINUTES) the throw line, never mind the water / icy entry exercise is becoming less of an occurrence. Reach and rescue poles are now deployed and saving lives, whilst protecting the operators in Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue, Warwickshire Fire and Rescue, Merseyside Fire and Rescue, South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, Scottish Fire Service, West Midlands Fire and rescue, Norfolk, South Wales, North Wales, Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue to name a few.


The Reach and Rescue Telescopic systems are always used in many training schools for swift water rescue in Rescue 3, Outreach and NE Rescue. Search and Rescue volunteer teams are also adopting the poles with WatersafeUK being a partner of Reach and Rescue using the equipment when called out to national flood disasters and the like.