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Safety at Height - Fall Arrest Systems



The importance of fall arrest safety equipment is well known and catered for in the industries that work at height or within danger of falls. However, the dangers of "Suspension trauma" or orthostatic intolerance are not as obvious to users of the equipment. The comfort of being suspended is not associated with the realities of "harness induced death" which can cause unconsciousness in minutes and death from anything between 5 - 15 minutes.


Harnesses save lives but they can also kill if the user is left suspended without the necessary action taken.


Reach and Rescue ltd have developed some useful and effective tools that can be applied by the pole systems, to aid a fall arrest victim. They range from snap off spring fittings to rope cutting blades and line attachment mechanisms. 


See how they work in the videos and use the datasheets to understand the details.


The fall arrest rescue pole is simple, effective and easy to use.

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