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Cessnock District Rescue Squad


The Cessnock VRA purchased two of the Reach and Rescue poles for our primary role of Rescue for use during Flood incidents where the public get caught driving through flooded roads and crossings.


To date the squad has not utilized the poles for such occurrences, however we have put the poles to good use for animal rescues to retrieve cats in trees that they are unable to climb back down to their waiting owners and some dogs in drainage canals.


We still maintain the high standards of Rescue through our training in case we are called to Flood Rescues as noted by the attached photos to gain the skills of using the Reach and Rescue Poles.


Our main purpose of purchasing the poles was to consider our safety in flood waters as we don’t need to enter moving swift water to carry out the rescues , a great assess to have    



Yours in Rescue

Trevor Milgate   ESM  OAM


Cessnock District Rescue Squad