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Body Hook

Wed, 05/18/2016 - 16:43 -- admin

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Body Hook

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Uses and Applications 
The Body Hook is used for retrieving both conscious and unconscious bodies and injured persons away from water. The large hook means the casualty is not required to be proactive in their own rescue.
How to Use
Attach the Body Hook by sliding onto the gold collar of the pole. This will secure into place with the spring buttons. Extend the pole to the desired length, hook the Body Hook around the casualty's waist and retrieve.


The Telescopic Body Hook is used for body retrieval in water rescue scenarios. It is considered a valuable piece of swimming pool safety equipment and is used frequently in life guard rescue situations. The great advantage of this life saving hook is that it allows for the life guard to perform a body retrieval exercise without having to enter the water themselves. This can prove to be a great advantage if the area in which the rescue is being performed has other potential casualties within in. 



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Price: £126.00