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AHRRSU Armadillo Hovercraft Rescue & Response Support Unit

“To go where from others seek refuge…”

The Armadillo Hovercraft Rescue & Response Support Unit was founded in 2010 with its primary goal to provide specialised services which would complement Amphibious Search & Rescue activities for the Central European region. The unit is based out of Budapest, Hungary. It’s founder and director of operations is John Maczko, born in Canada, brought with him a wealth of knowledge from such disciplines as law enforcement, aviation security, and behavioural sciences along with specialist rescue, has over 23 years of combined experience in these fields. The unit comprises of members who are each specialists in there own disciplines, providing both technical and rescue knowledge and together form an amphibious advantage. The AHRRSU works as a division of the Pest State Search & Rescue Services in Hungary, as well as collaborating unit of the Hungarian Red Cross Disaster Management department.

Hovercraft and the Reach & Rescue system:

While hovercraft has proved to be a unique tool for deployment into areas in which conventional methods of transport are not an option (mud, ice, flooding, etc…). The innovative solution that the Reach & Rescue system provides, allows the unit to have an advantage in both shore based as well as water based rescue situations. Keeping distance between the victim (person or as we have found animals) and the rescuers allow for a safe method of rescue. ALL swiftwater rescuers are taught on day one of the training the sequence of swiftwater rescue: REACH; throw; row; go/tow; Helo. The Reach & Rescue System covers the first and preferred rescue method from water to REACH a victim.

The AHRRSU has already had success with the Reach & Rescue system and fully endorses the product. It is important to remember that it’s use is not limited to water rescue. Applications may include technical rescue in confined spaces such as wells (getting a camera, gas sensor, food, water or medical supplies  into a well or hard to reach area). In ice rescue scenarios the Reach & Rescue system is an absolute must. This also applies to mud rescue.

“The Reach & Rescue system is an extension of a rescuer’s arm, and a must have kit for any form of marine or technical rescue”.