• ''Reaching out to Save Lives Across the World.''
  • Reach and Rescue Pole on Display Inside a Emergency One Truck
  • RSPCA Rescuing Animal at a Height
  • Wading Poles in Action Tackling Harsh Conditions
  • Red Cross Rescue Corps Using Pole in Norway
  • We are the Proud Winners of the MIA 2016
  • Rapid Rescue
  • Boat tether procedure using Reach and Rescue Pole
  • Fire and Rescue
  • Line Hook in Action
  • Water Rescue with Flotation Collar
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  • Rescue with Wading Pole
  • Animal Rescue with Pro Snare Attachment
  • Offshore Rescue Poles
  • Utilizing the Reach and Rescue Pole system to safely and securely rescue
  • Water Rescue

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Why use Poles to rescue?

The Reach and Rescue Poles are a range of specialist, super long telescopic pole tools that make distant retrieval much easier for todays rescuers.


All Reach and Rescue Poles give you

  • Improved Operator Safety
  • Up to 60ft Rescue Radius
  • Accurate Deployment
  • Faster Retrieval
  • Simplicity or Operation
  • Huge Capability
  • Feet on the ground. No need to enter the water.
  • Poles extend to 60ft length.
  • Poles not affected adversely by wind or current.
  • Extending and collapsing of poles is very quick.
  • Easy concept. Minimal Training.
  • Many different pole end rescue tools to choose.